The Center for Transformative Teaching and 学习 is the bridge between the latest Mind, 大脑, and Education Science research and the teaching practice of primary and secondary schools around the world. 
St. 安德鲁的 renowned Center for Transformative Teaching & 学习 (刚) is powered by the creativity of its faculty and the partnership of our university researchers. The 刚 makes research-informed teaching and learning the central focus of faculty professional development, 课程及课程设计. 安德鲁的. It connects independent and public school teachers, 领导人, and policymakers through discourse on translating research into innovative teaching and learning strategies.  

百分之百的圣. 安德鲁的 pre-school through 12th grade faculty is trained by the 刚 in how to read and translate research in the field of Mind, 大脑, and Education Science and implement it in their classrooms.

The true beneficiaries of the training are St. 安德鲁的学生,从2岁到12年级. 期望是每个St. 安德鲁的 teacher will use his or her training to inform and transform the design of their class and work with each individual student in his or her current areas of strength and areas of challenge. 最重要的是,因为每一个圣. 安德鲁的老师mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站大脑的可塑性, the ability of the brain to change both naturally and through deliberate practice by the student, St. 安德鲁的 teachers use research-informed whole-class and personalized strategies to help each student become more confident, 非常高效。, and independent learners throughout his or her learning journey. 

这里有一些方法. 安德鲁的 teaching and learning has been transformed through the 刚:
这里有一些方法. 安德鲁的 teaching and learning has been transformed through the 刚:

  • Mindfulness training for 较低的学校 teachers and 学生.
  • 教师使用各种形式的评估. 在某些中学和高中班级, 学生 have the opportunity to choose what type of year-end assessment would be best for the way they demonstrate cumulative understanding.
  • Transformation of grades 6-12 final exam schedule so that 学生 have a deep opportunity to reflect on their 执行ance, 接受老师的口头反馈, and to establish strategies for future improvement.
  • The advisor program educates 学生 about the neurodevelopmental demands of learning focusing on enhancing attention, 内存, 执行能力, 时间管理.
  • Launch of new, research-informed daily schedule in fall of 2018
  • More frequent formative assessments for all grade levels
  • Elevation of 内存 strategies such as the spacing effect, testing effect, and interleaving.


以不同的方式深入思考 is a nationally recognized publication written by St. 安德鲁的 pre-school through 12th grade teachers, 学生, 校友, 以及刚的大学研究合作伙伴. More than 10,000 teachers, school 领导人, and policymakers have read the 刚’s publication 以不同的方式、深入地思考”S的前两卷, which provide models for how teachers can use research to inform the design of their classes and to work more effectively with each student.
Glenn Whitman, Dean of Studies and Director of the 刚, and Dr. Ian Kelleher, Science Teacher and Head of Research for the 刚, have co-authored Neuroteach: 大脑 Science and the Future of Education. 特色的 克林根斯坦中心, the book is a resource for all teachers and school 领导人 who are looking for ways to incorporate MBE research into the classroom.
St. 安德鲁圣公会学校是一所私立学校, coeducational college preparatory day school for 学生 in preschool (Age 2) through grade 12, 位于波托马克, 马里兰.